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The best dental implants

What is a dental implant :

The dental implant is an artificial root in titanium, placed in the jawbone. It allows one or more missing teeth to be replaced. It is about fixed dental prostheses. Implants also help stabilize a removable prosthesis The operation is performed by our DENT FOR ALL’s Syrian and Turkish dentists who have long experience in the field of dentistry and by using the finest quality European implants. And These dental implants are usually done under local anesthesia.
This solution is generally offered to patients who have had one or more teeth extracted; It makes it possible to regain a chewing function, better daily comfort, and dental aesthetics.
An initial consultation with the dentist who will take care of the implant surgery is essential before considering an implantology treatment. A rigorous assessment of the patient’s oral condition should be performed in order to develop a personalized treatment plan. The patient will also have to perform a DentoScan, This 3D examination will determine the height and thickness of the area where to place the implant.

Stages of dental implants

Dental implantology begins with the planning of the treatment according to the examinations carried out: x-ray, scanner, molding of the mouth, possibly computer modeling. The implant is placed under local anesthesia. The gum is slightly incised and the titanium implant is placed in the bone after drilling.

In our DENT FOR ALL Center we opt for 3 stages :

The first stage: the appropriate place for implantation is prepared inside the jawbone, then the missing teeth are replaced by implants made of titanium, based on the diagnosis of the dentist.
The second stage: Is the bone fusion stage, where the implant fuses with the jaw bone.
The third stage: The final replacement is placed over the dental implant with aesthetic attention.

Is the pose painful?

In our Dent For All center, The placement of dental implants is performed under local anesthesia and is painless. The duration of the intervention varies according to the complexity of the intervention (number and location of implants, available bone volume, etc.). During the days following the operation, the area around the implant may be painful and swollen.

What do dental implants contain?

Our dental implants in Dent For All center are made of titanium. Zirconium oxide ceramic implants, known as zirconia implants, are among the most recent innovations in modern implantology. They eliminate the risk of potential allergies to titanium. The screw can be conical or straight and measures between 10 and 15 mm.
Precautions and contraindications
according to our DENT FOR ALL dentists, The main condition is to have a healthy bone. On the other hand, the placement of an implant is contraindicated when the patient presents certain conditions: diabetes (especially insulin-dependent), heart diseases affecting the valves, treatment of osteoporosis or certain cancers by bisphosphonates, renal failure, smoking, hypertension, severe bruxism …

Any ongoing medical treatment should also be reported to the dental surgeon.
Age is not a contraindication to dental implantology. However, in children, it is necessary to wait for the end of the growth of the jawbones (generally 17-18 years).
DENT FOR ALL is the best center that you can choose to make the most excellent dental implants by doctors who have more than 15 years of experience in the field of implantology and dental cosmetics

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