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Hair transplant is the permanent and ideal solution for baldness. Hair transplant can be defined as a delicate surgical intervention that is performed in the hospital.

The concept of “micro-surgery” means that hair transplant is less complicated and less restrictive than traditional surgery.

Hair transplant is an effective and permanent solution to baldness in men and women, as well as in cases of androgenetic alopecia.

Apart from that, this operation can be performed on people suffering from various scars or diseases that cause hair loss.

FUE hair transplant with extraction technique:

FUE hair transplant is one of the non-surgical procedures to eliminate and treat baldness that occurs in males and females and that results from hormonal or genetic reasons or due to accidents. The FUE technique, known as Foliküler Ünite Ekstraksiyonu, is one of the oldest known techniques in hair transplant.

The FUE technique is considered one of the best known techniques in hair transplant and is better than the strip technique that leaves traces after the operation. As for the FUE technique, it does not leave traces of extraction.

The follicles are extracted evenly without damaging the donor area or causing any damage. As it is known, hair transplant in Turkey has developed in recent years thanks to the skill of its doctors and the results of its operations.

The date of the operation is determined after the diagnosis of the case and after determining the appropriate technique for it of course, the technique of extraction is done for all cases without excluding any case, the first step begins with the haircut by the nurses, after which the donor area is planned and the area to be harvested is determined and the anesthesiologist begins his work and anesthesia behind the head and prepares it to extract Follicles, the bilateral, triple and quadruple follicles are extracted regularly without damaging the donor area.

And within 3-4 hours, this step will continue. The bulbs are kept in a cool place to avoid damage and are placed in a solution to remain intact.

The follicles within this solution remain longer for up to 7 hours, and after the completion of the extraction, a doctor numbs the area to be transplanted and prepares it to open the pores by the specialist doctor, and the doctor opens channels 3 mm under the skin to implant the follicles in them and the channels continue to be opened for an hour or a little more .

After that, the staff begins to implant the follicles in the channels, which last for 4 hours, and here the steps for hair transplant with FUE technique end

The second technique of hair transplant is the ambassador technique, the word ambassador in English means sapphire, and it is an advanced technique in hair transplant, known as the new hair transplant technique, and it is done using this gemstone.

One of the advantages of this technique is that it provides successful results, especially for people who have an advanced level of hair loss, and allows the patient a shorter and faster recovery period.

And the most beautiful thing is that there are no risks to the movement of the follicles or changing their angles. Because sapphire blades allow small channels to open.

It causes less damage to the scalp and surrounding tissues.

The sapphire blade is very important at this stage, when opening the channels using this device, it protects the hair follicles, and the channels are opened very precisely, so that it does not leave marks on the scalp, and ensures a natural appearance of the hairline

To perform this operation, it is clear that the best destination that you can choose is Turkey because hair transplant in Turkey responds first and foremost to a medical and aesthetic tourism trend. Indeed, Turkey is one of the countries in the world that is most in demand in the field of surgery, which makes it a center for medical tourism

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