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Your confidence in your smile makes you more distinguished, both in your career and social contact, and thus makes you happier and more relaxed.

Orthodontics is one of the important ways that treats the defects of teeth occlusal caused by teeth irregularities or malocclusion of the upper and lower jaws.

Orthodontic treatment is based on reorganizing oral functions such as chewing and sound pronouncement. Orthodontic treatment is mainly useful in improving the aesthetic appearance of the teeth and the smile in general.

Orthodontic treatment helps to improve oral health by preventing the accumulation of food remains between crowded teeth and the difficulty of cleaning them, also it improves the general shape of the face and jaws.

If you believe that beautifying your smile may help you gain more confidence, there is no doubt that the transparent braces is the best choice for you, as it will give you the smile that you have always wished without the need for fixed traditional braces.

Transparent braces advantages:

  • Transparent, so no one will notice that you are using brace during the treatment period.
  • Removable, which means that you can eat and drink whatever you want, and brush your teeth better and not suffer from removing food remaining from between the wires as in traditional brace.
  • Comfortable, as the lack of wire and collars helps to exercise your daily life better and reduces conforming the calculus or tooth decay.

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