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blepharoplasty in Turkey

Over the time, our eyelids undergo unwanted changes, eyelids droop or bags appear under the eyes, making the look more tired or older. Many factors, such as genetics or sun damage, can accelerate these changes. To combat this phenomenon, there is eyelid surgery, that is, blepharoplasty.

You will find a wide range of clinics offering blepharoplasty in Turkey, particularly in the country’s cultural capital, Istanbul.

This operation aims to correct the signs of aging present in the eyelids without changing the expression of the eye. The goal is to reduce or eliminate the appearance of tiredness from the eyes.

One or two pre-operative consultations with a plastic surgeon are necessary for eyelid surgery. These appointments allow the doctor the opportunity to determine the type of anesthesia required, to perform an eye examination in order to rule out any abnormalities or diseases such as dry eyes that may require precautions during the operation.

During these consultations, the surgeon will be able to conduct an interview and eye examination to better understand the wishes, indications and potential contraindications to the operation. If necessary, he may prescribe an ophthalmological examination in order to rule out possible pathologies.

As for the type of anesthesia it depends on the decision to be made and the discussions between the patient and the surgeon. There are many types of anesthesia, including:

Local anesthesia: An anesthetic product is used (as is the case during dental care), especially when it comes to the upper eyelid only, and it can also be used in the upper and lower eyelid surgery.

Attentive anesthesia: This local anesthesia with intravenous sedation is used for some patients when treatment is for the four eyelids.

General anesthesia: General anesthesia is rarely prescribed and for patients with severe agitation.

If the local anesthesia is not purely local, the patient must consult the anesthesiologist at least 48 hours before the operation and he must remain fasting: that is, he does not drink, eat or smoke during the 6 hours prior to the intervention.

Before the date of surgery, the patient undergoes pre-operative evaluation to ensure that there are no contraindications such as bleeding disorder, phlebitis, etc. A second consultation is possible so that the surgeon can answer all of your questions.

Some recommendations should be observed before eyelid surgery, including:

It is recommended that you stop smoking at least a month before and after surgery in order not to hinder the healing process.

It is forbidden to take aspirin during the ten days prior to the operation.

It is recommended not to eat or drink anything six hours before the operation (in the case of general anesthesia).

With regard to aesthetic intervention, a period of 15 days must be respected between the first consultation and the operation (this is a mandatory reflection period for all cosmetic procedures).

The method of surgical intervention changes according to the type of operation:

For the upper eyelids

For upper blepharoplasty, an incision is made in a natural crease in the eyelid fracture. As a result, the scar is very discreet. With this incision, the surgeon removes excess skin and any fatty pockets. This procedure is most often performed under local anesthesia and lasts an average of 30 minutes to an hour. It is an outpatient surgery.

For the lower eyelids

For lower blepharoplasty, two methods may be suggested:

Dermabrasion: The doctor makes an incision under the eyelashes. It ends with a fold on the sides in order to treat sagging skin as well as muscles and remove any greasy pockets. The operation takes an average of one hour under local or general anesthesia. The length of stay in the hospital is one day or one day and one night.

 The results of eyelid surgery will appear after 5 days.

Eyelid surgery costs can vary greatly depending on the experience of the surgeon and the exact type of procedure to be followed. The cost of Blepharoplasty in Turkey , along with a host of other cosmetic procedures, are much lower compared to Europe and the United States.

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