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Reproductive biology is a branch of medical biology concerned with the study and diagnosis of venereal diseases, through the analysis of semen.
The discipline also strives to improve techniques for intervention during medically assisted reproduction
Reproductive biology, or reproductive processes, is intended for couples who are infertile and want to have a baby.
It can be said that spouses are considered infertile if they are unable to conceive after 12 to 24 months of attempts.
Reproduction operations in Turkey have a special place at the global level, because of their advantages, the first of which is the long experience of Turkish doctors and the appropriate cost compared to other countries such as Europe and the United States …

These operations are performed for people who suffer from infertility, there are many causes of infertility. Some of the recognized risk factors include:

Age of the woman, endometriosis, environmental exposure; In particular exposure to some pesticides or heavy metals;

Weight gain, or even smoking.

Within teams specialized in reproductive biology, procedures are carried out to prepare and collect the reproductive cells of pairs of patients.

Within the diagnostic activities we can mention:

  • spermogram.
  • spermocytogramme.
  • Immigration test
  • Sperm biochemistry.

 therapeutic activities:

IVF (this includes collecting the man’s sperm and preparing them for injection directly into the woman’s uterus at the time of ovulation);
In vitro fertilization (this includes causing an egg and sperm to meet in the laboratory);
Transfer of frozen embryos.
As for the risks involved in childbearing, the main risk is that it does not work 100%. The medical team will clearly explain the methods, difficulties and risks of the procedures, examinations or procedures that need to be performed.
Reproductive biology is a discipline that brings together many specialists, such as physicians (specialists in medical biology, reproductive medicine, gynecology, andrology, endocrinologist, etc.), biological pharmacists, nurses, psychologists, etc.
to the point that The paths to pursue practice in this area are varied. This is the most complex field among all medical fields, as it combines many specialists from different medical fields.
The most common procedures for infertility and reproductive surgeries
Treatment of male infertility
Treatment of female infertility
Driving a tubal baby: Or what is known as IVF, or in vitro fertilization
How is fertilization done in the laboratory
Unlike the simpler IVF process – where sperm is placed in the uterus and pregnancy occurs naturally – in vitro insemination involves the incorporation of eggs and sperm outside the body in a laboratory. Once in the form of an embryo or embryos, it is then placed in the uterus.
In vitro fertilization is a complex and expensive procedure; Only about 5% of infertile couples look for it.
IVF: IVF in Turkey is one of the highly successful medical procedures. Medical centers and hospitals have made unprecedented achievements. Some hospitals have the best success rates in the world.
When you and your partner talk to a doctor to get medical help for infertility, the doctor may suggest an “IVF” technique.
It is a simple procedure with few side effects and it can help some couples until they are able to conceive and have children.
Through “IVF,” the doctor inserts sperm directly into the cervix, fallopian tube, or uterus
However, the most common method is intrauterine insemination (IUI)
Reproductive operations costs can vary greatly depending on the experience of the surgeon and the exact type of procedure to be followed.
The costs of reproductive operations in Turkey, in addition to other plastic surgeries, are much lower compared to Europe and the United States

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