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Teeth whitening is used as a very effective and safe way to lighten the color of dark teeth without any side effects so that the teeth can be lightened 5-10 degrees in a session.

Whitening can be implemented at the dental center under the supervision of a dentist and lasts for about an hour. Also, it can be implemented at home within special molds that are prepared in advance by the dentist.

There are many precautions to be considered after whitening teeth:
  1. Brushing teeth well and using a suitable paste for a period of no less than two minutes twice daily.
  2. Not drinking coffee, tea and soft drinks for 48 hours after whitening.
  3. It is very normal when the patient feels a slight sensitivity after teeth whitening, so any paste for sensitive teeth can be used and the sensitivity will be disappeared immediately.
  4. Check with the dentist every 6 months.

Teeth whitening is completely safe and does not cause any harm to the teeth and it does not remove any layer of them.

Teeth whitening is useful in improving the color of the teeth and thus beautifying the smile, but it does not change the shape of the teeth, their tilt or their relationship with the neighboring and opposite teeth.

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