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There are many modern methods used to improve your smile and make your teeth whiter.

Drinking coffee and tea daily, not cleaning the teeth well and eating colored foods reduce the whiteness of the teeth, and the color of the teeth increases yellowish naturally with age.

Veneer scales have become one of the latest medical methods used to improve the shape of the smile, as they cover the entire visible surface of the teeth, creating a clean and bright smile.

As Veneer scales are very thin and made of porcelain. They are made of in the vitro after the prints are taken by the dentist to fit the shape of your smile and they are affixed permanently on the teeth, and because of its very thin thickness, the patient never feels it.

Veneer and Luminaire uses

  1. Spacing of teeth and the presence of simple gaps between them.
  2. Hiding teeth discoloration caused by smoking or any other reasons.
  3. Treating minor fractures in the front teeth cosmetically.
  4. Treating the skewed or uneven teeth in length or size with the rest of the teeth.
  5. For purely cosmetic purposes in order to make a fresh white smile.

Obtaining a beautiful, attractive, and white smile is one of the important factors that increase self-confidence and self-esteem. The smile is also directly reflected on the person’s professional life and social relationships.

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