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Laser teeth whitening and its effectiveness ,To understand the effect of the laser, you must know that tooth enamel contains thousands of tiny tubes, which over time will be filled with lime.

And coffee, tea and nicotine if you smoke and many of the substances that contain coloring materials, in short, there are many

Simple things and habits that contribute to yellowing and discoloration of your teeth.

The way the laser works is simple and safe, the laser will have the effect of activating the gel that will be placed on your teeth, which will supply these

The tubes with oxygen that will help you get rid of pigmentation caused by the consumption of coffee and nicotine Other materials.

This is an effective and fast method, because one session with our specialist is enough to get white teeth, and this whiteness lasts for a long time.

Stages of laser whitening

There are three main stages that a person who wants to perform this operation goes through:

Laser teeth whitening

The first step in laser bleaching is the examination, the specialist must conduct a preliminary medical examination before performing the laser.

To be sure If there is any problem that prevents you from performing the laser.

Before applying gel to your teeth, the dentist will first clean your teeth.

Then he applies a protective gel to the gums and mucous membranes to protect them because the bleaching gel because the latter is particularly strong and can

It causes cell damage, so applying a protective gel is essential.

Finally, he will apply a whitening gel to your teeth, and the laser will activate this gel while the enamel pores are open.

The entire session between preparation and teeth whitening takes about an hour and a half, so you get a bright white tooth and a smile Witch.

Laser bleaching results:

Most of the time the results are noticeable, from the first session you can acquire several shades of whitening, so that the gel that The dentist uses is safe and effective , it contains hydrogen peroxide for fast and immediate whitening within One session .

As for the side effects, they are not common, which is unaware of this method of whitening it is one of the best methods, as most studies have shown that Lasers tend to dry out the teeth, making them whiter.

When the tooth is rewetted, it then reverts to its original color ; It does not make laser bleaching a definitive treatment. But the effects of laser bleaching can be visible for several years.

On the other hand, the laser will have the effect of heating the tooth, and sometimes this thermal effect can cause pain in some Patients during treatment.

There are many precautions should be taken after laser teeth whitening , including: Brushing the teeth well, regularly and using the suitable paste and brushing teeth for  not less than two minutes and twice a day, while refraining from drinking coffee, tea and soft drinks for 48;

An hour after whitening, and in the event that the patient feels slight sensitivity after teeth whitening, this is very normal and any can be used an allergy paste that will wear off immediately.

And finally, reviewing the dentist every 6 months to do a regular dental check-up to make sure that everything is fine.

Laser teeth whitening is a safe process that does not cause any damage to the teeth .

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