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Liposuction is a technique invented in France in the 1980s that consists of absorbing resistant fat cells.

Liposuction is a cosmetic procedure to remove excess fat to slim the body and reshape it to the desired proportions.

Liposuction is a common surgery among patients, as the operation can treat multiple areas in one session and it can be performed simultaneously with other plastic surgeries while providing satisfactory results for patients.

There is a wide range of clinics that offer liposuction in Turkey, especially in the country’s cultural capital, Istanbul.

Liposuction is often the only solution to get rid of fatty deposits that do not disappear with diet or exercise.

The principle of the operation is simple, it is done through a small incision, which is often hidden in the skin fold, which will not leave traces and deformities on the skin, the surgeon inserts small tubes under the skin to suction fat directly from the concerned areas.

This procedure aims to make the body contours more even, but it is not a cure for obesity.

Liposuction is a solution in the case of fatty deposits in very specific areas that do not disappear with exercise or diet.

For men, this process is suitable for fat concentrated around the waist, abdomen, back, chest, and neck

For women, the operation is suitable for fats in the thighs, hips, buttocks, knees, legs, arms, double chin … even the chest can be reduced by simple liposuction.

The best results are obtained from liposuction for men and women who are healthy and without true obesity, and their skin remains tight and elastic.

It is advisable to wait until at least 18 years of age (end of growth) before considering any intervention, and it is preferable not to resort to this process after 60 years because the results are better if the skin is still hard and elastic.

Liposuction is characterized by the mechanical removal of fat cells. They are effectively removed (by absorption) and cannot return. Liposuction is a final solution.


Like other operations, liposuction may result in risks, including:

  • Incision infection – often superficial and treated topically.

          But in some rare cases, it may develop to the occurrence of a more serious infection in the layers                    under the skin, and sometimes the doctor may have to open the incision again in order to get rid of                the remnants of bacteria.

  • Bleeding – mainly in the surgical area following local tissue damage. In rare cases, the surgery may cause general bleeding, and stopping it requires giving the patient blood.  Bleeding may occur immediately after the operation, or during the next 24 hours and in rare cases, weeks or months after the surgery. Bleeding occurs after a blood vessel ruptures.
  • Scar – The symmetry of a scar that results from a surgical incision to heal depends on the quality of the stitches and genetics.

There is no way to predict how the scar will heal after the procedure, but it often fades with time.

Liposuction costs can vary greatly depending on the experience of the surgeon and the exact type of procedure to be followed. The costs of liposuction in Turkey, in addition to a group of other cosmetic procedures, are much lower compared to Europe and the United States, in addition to the appropriate cost.

In most cases, liposuction is a aesthetic procedure, so it is not covered by health insurance, but in some cases, if fat is satisfactory, then it is covered by health insurance.

Liposuction in Turkey is the perfect decision that you could do;

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