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The best Hollywood smile

Although appearance has always held an important place in our society, the aesthetics of the smile is a newer concept, which has gained momentum in recent years.

Since then, dental techniques for giving yourself a perfect smile have multiplied, offering solutions for all types of dental imperfection.

One of the most popular cosmetic dentistry solutions today is dental veneers, more widely known as “Hollywood Smile”.

Popularized by the stars of American cinema, the Hollywood smile has been a worldwide success. At first,

limited to stars and celebrities, it then became a social phenomenon that appeals to both women and men.

Who has never dreamed of a smile as sparkling as Tom Cruise or a perfect Megan Fox teeth?

Hollywood Smile is a concept of cosmetic dentistry accessible to any patient wishing to benefit from a bright and pleasant smile.

By enhancing the natural beauty and expression of the face, Hollywood Smile can meet the needs of those seeking a transformation for misaligned or discolored teeth.

More and more people are asking for the Hollywood Smile, and Lumineers veneers are often the most popular choices.

People can explore the best way to enhance their beauty and smiles through cosmetic and facial dentistry options.

How can I get a Hollywood smile?

The first step is to contact the dentist for an assessment of your oral health and your ability to adopt a Hollywood smile.

Problems such as severe malocclusion, an irregular bite, and teeth grinding may require orthodontic treatment first.

In some cases, patients may benefit from teeth whitening and an invisible treatment for aligning their teeth.

Before any cosmetic dentistry treatment, the teeth must be cleaned and free from any infection.

Patients with tooth decay and gum disease may need appropriate treatment first to ensure their teeth are healthy before veneers are fitted.

Teeth with stains or discoloration can also be masked with porcelain veneers, as can be chipped or cracked teeth.

Hollywood smile types :

Hollywood smile

There are many types of lenses that have been invented recently which are IMAX, veneers, emperors, and luminescent, and the IMAX is the best one.

It is a very thin shell made of IMAX material. And the thickness of this material is the same as the lenses of the eyes.

However, it is strong and durable as it is not easy to scratch, crack, or even crack.

What distinguishes this wonderful type of dental lenses is that they are easy to install and does not affect in any way the teeth, their thickness, or their nature.

Taking care of your Hollywood smile involves the usual dental hygiene routine.

Regular visits to the dentist every six months should also be maintained.

The condition of the dental veneers will be assessed annually to ensure their condition.

Care should be taken when biting solid and hard foods and when participating in contact sports.

Glued veneers, while secure, are not as strong as the structure of your natural tooth. The clinician may recommend wearing protection at night to protect the veneers from the risk of teeth grinding.

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