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Dental Implantology 

Dental implantology is a process whereby damaged or missing teeth are replaced with artificial teeth that are very similar to the real teeth in terms of shape and performance.

Missing teeth is one of the serious problems, as the lack of teeth from the mouth results in serious problems that affect the body as a whole such as deficiency in digestion and excretion, obesity, bad breath, stomach and intestinal diseases, gall bladder and the inability of the mouth to perform its task of cutting food.

So dental implantology is a solution to all the dental problems and to replace the missing teeth.

Tooth implant consists of:

Implant body: It is the part that is implanted in the jaw, and it is made of titanium which is completely safe and fast to adhere to the jaw bone, and is considered the replacing part of the root of the missing tooth. Its diameter and length vary depending on the location and size of the missing tooth and the number of implants next to it.

Shutter Pin: placed over the implant body after the completion of the implant phase.

Healing Cover: It is a temporary cover placed over the implant body and the shutter pin, and it shall remain until the new tooth is fixed.

Prosthetic part: It is the new tooth that is fixed and attached to the implant body. Dental implantology is considered the most successful method because it does not affect in any way the teeth and the surrounding tissues. To ensure the success of dental implants, there must be certain conditions, including:

  • The patient shouldn’t be suffer from some diseases that affect bones, such as advanced cases of diabetes and osteoporosis.
  • There should be an appropriate amount of jaw bones, as this type of bone is considered a functional type, which is often eroded when a tooth is lost, and to ensure the success of the implant process the missing bone must be replaced firstly, and then complete the implant.
  • The dentist should ensure that the bone in which the tooth is implanted is away from the nasal cavities and jaw nerves by analysis and x-rays.
  • Maintaining oral and dental health.

After completing the dental implant and fixing the new tooth, the patient deals with his new teeth in a very natural way, taking into account cleaning the gums and not leaving food residue, and checking with the dentist periodically every 6 months.

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